Pacific Coast Bike Trip – by numbers:

Posted: September 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

­Here’s the trip by numbers:

1,615 – Touring Miles (2,604 kilometers)

76,172 ft – Total elevation gains ((32,217 meters)

58 – Days traveling

41- Days cycling (Not all of it was touring- sometimes we just rode to various sites)

36 – Nights in a tent

0 – Days with rain

37 degrees Fahrenheit– Coldest morning (3 degrees Celsius)

109 degrees Fahrenheit – Hottest day (43 degrees Celsius)

36 – Dolphins spotted (estimate)

17.5% – steepest recorded grade

1 – Flat tire

7 – number of other touring cyclists we met on this trip (normally it would have been many more)

51 – Most miles cycled in one day (81 kilometers)

3,491 ft – Most elevation gain in one day (1,064 meters)

5 – pounds lost by Cathy

9 – pounds lost by Curt (I had more to lose!)

Standish Hickey State Park to Mackerricher State Park – best day of riding.  Started high in the redwoods, picked up the beginning of Hwy 1, and descended down to the ocean.  Hwy1 was super quiet here and the fog had lifted by the time we hit the ocean and got to bike the coast.

Crossing the bridge from Washington to Oregon over the Columbia River – Scariest day of cycling

Samuel P Taylor State Park Storm – Scariest night

Bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge – most moving experience

Friends – Best part of the trip!!!!

  1. Sharon A Macconnach says:

    You two are an inspiration.


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