Beach Time

Posted: December 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Cathy and I just spent 8 days in one place, I think that’s a record for this trip.

We found this nice beach – we’d actually been searching for a nice beach since Malaysia.  We would try each one on like Goldilocks tried out rocking chairs and porridge.  Some beaches were beautiful, but totally empty – devoid of life except for a few beach dogs and perhaps some fishing boats.  Sounds like paradise but it’s actually not all that fun, beaches are supposed to be fun and we all know from sex that fun is better when you’re not doing it by yourself.  Plus, empty beaches are usually a long way from food sources.

Some of the beaches were the opposite – just too crowded – like Krabi/Ao Nang.  We both remembered this place as paradise – we’d been here 21 years ago.  We rented a bamboo hut on the beach for $4 a night and ate Thai food at local restaurants every night – there were a few westerners there but not many.  Today it’s busier than LAX during Christmas season.

We were so depressed after Krabi that we were going to just skip Phuket – it is after all the largest tourist destination in Thailand, but it is also a damn big island – so we biked there, and skipped all the beaches of memory, going to one we didn’t know about and got no press at all.  Turned out to be a good hit!  The other beaches are like fly paper, and this one just exists.


We scored a private bungalow for $15 a night.  Dialed in our favorite Thai food stalls, recharged our batteries for the upcoming 500 kilometers of headwinds and hills.  For fun we stacked beach stones, played in tide pools and hiked the coast.  The pictures tell the rest.


Getting ready to go catch dinner


Our private island .

Bike Seat On Ocean Trip

Bike seat on the beach – dedicated to Dave Mo at Rock and Roll Sports – Gunnison, CO

Cathy's Sundial

Cathy’s Sundial – and it works too!


Waiting for the storm – my favorite so far.


Cathy’s sunstones


Leaning tower of Phuket


More sunstones


Dr. Suess’s Who’s from Whosville


And a good night to all.

  1. Tom Murphy says:

    Looks great – thanks for the update. We’re riding down in AZ til mid Jan then back to Gunni for some skiing.


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