Getting Back into the Groove

Posted: August 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

Home at the Bradner/Fanning Campground

We’re moved out of our house and, while waiting for our departure date of Sept. 2nd, are living in our daughter’s recreational trailer up behind her house.  Life could be worse!

While it would have been ideal if we could have scheduled things so we could leave for the airport the day our renters took over our house, this method allows us to ease back into the touring lifestyle while still being around to help Topher get his gear to France, and to help our daughter ease out of having us around to help with Zoe and such.

To keep in the touring mode we’re biking everywhere possible, to get groceries, take Zoe to school when she’ll let us, and really just being tourists in our own town and picnicking in the parks.


Looking north from our pitch


  1. Tom Murphy says:

    Good to hear from you guys. Tom and Courtenay here – from Gunni, we had dinner at your house many years ago w Doug and Jesse. We’ve been living and riding (not bike touring but MTB) in Europe this past year. We’ve been between Bormio, Italy and all over Croatia. Where are you guys off to next?


    • Hi Tom, good to hear from you again! We’re off to southern Spain and Portugal after we complete a tour of the La Loire a Velo with a friend (previous blog) – then off to SE Asia – then back to Europe. How was Croatia, it’s definitely on our list.


      • Tom Murphy says:

        We spent a total o 6 months split up in 3 month stints – did the entire coast down to and into Montenegro. Went to 7 different islands then into the interior for a couple months. Definitely stay away July and August unless your fine w massive crowds. The islands are cool, not a lot of riding usually a road going north/south – it’s a bit second world in general – wonderful riding on the northern border w Slovenia. Mostly subsistence living once you get off the coast and into the country – excluding the bigger cities- Zadar, Split. Zagreb which are your standard big cities which we avoid at all costs – best to you both.

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